PIXELOVE DESIGN represents a collection of creative projects and collaborations under creative director and designer Sunny Ryoo. As a visual leader and "brand stylist", Sunny aims to thoughtfully distill clients' inspirations, ideas and motivations into fresh, sincere and compelling brand messages that engage and resonate.


Truly impactful brands tell a story. They inspire their audiences to connect and activate relationships that drive results. PIXELOVE DESIGN will aim to find the perfect balance between style and clarity to evoke a memory of your brand as a whole.


PIXELOVE DESIGN helps brands express themselves through memorable and pixel-perfect visual designs, print and/or digital. Key messages will be communicated through creative and original solutions by utilizing the fundamentals of branding.


PIXELOVE DESIGN creates websites with stunning and compelling designs that go hand-in-hand with your overall brand identity. Plans will be tailored thoughtfully for stronger and unique user experiences that will deliver your goals.

About Sunny Ryoo


Since 2006, Sunny has worked as a designer and art director mainly in the hospitality, lifestyle, beauty and fashion industries, providing branding + design solutions for start-up and established companies such as Avon, Katherine Kwei Handbags and Coogi Menswear. This depth of experience pushed Sunny into starting her solo venture and founded Pixelove Design in 2013. She is also the Executive Creative Director for LA-based design agency The Bureau of Small Projects.

Sunny is Korean, born and raised mainly in Latin America. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout South America, North America, Europe and Asia. This exposure to multiple cultures and languages has a big influence on her work, and needless to say, has shaped her as the designer that she is today.

Sunny currently lives in her adopted home NYC with her husband, son, and rescue pitbull Toby.


Pixelove Design does not own or imply to own any of the images shown that are not stated to be personal photography.